World’s best mom surprises her 7-year-old “Star Wars” super fan daughter with a one-of-a-kind Rey mural

Not so long ago, in a bedroom far, far away, a mom just surprised her Star Wars super fan daughter with an amazing Rey mural, and the little girl’s precious reaction is stealing our hearts.

When mom Emily Rose took her 7-year-old daughter to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (opening weekend, because obviously), she instantly fell in love with Rey. Emily probably saw this coming, as her entire family has been big into Star Wars since the very beginning. But with the addition of Rey, her daughter’s fandom was taken to the next level.

Emily told BuzzFeed, “Here was a young girl learning to use the Force like a Jedi, and flying the Millennium Falcon, and shooting a blaster. It was amazing, and I was happy she loved Rey, and that she could imagine herself as the hero of the story.” (All of the intergalactic yes!)

Emily painted the mural on her kiddo’s bedroom wall when she wasn’t home, then BOOM surprised her. To say it was hit might be an understatement. Her daughter was completely blown away. She flattened herself against the wall to hug Rey, then flung herself on the floor with glee (as one does.)

Before long, she was even reading Star Wars books to Rey and posing alongside her. Then out came the light saber. (Because of course it did.)

ADORABLE. Our sci-fi loving hearts can barely handle it.

Way to parent, Emily Rose! The Force is clearly with you, girl.

[Images via Twitter.]

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