A mom might end up in jail for selling the *weirdest* thing on Facebook

Well, damn. Who in the world knew that selling ceviche on Facebook was illegal? A quick perusal of the web will reveal all sorts of crazy stuff being hawked by would-be entrepreneurs taking advantage of features like Facebook’s Marketplace. But as Eater reports, a Sacramento mother of six is facing time in jail after her black market seafood appetizer enterprises were found to be in direct violation of San Joaquin County law.

According to ABC 13, Mariza Reulas belongs to Facebook food group 209 Food Spot where North California members buy and sell food from one another. But operating like food stores requires a permit, something many of the members apparently did not have. This led to an undercover sting operation that charged Reulas and over a dozen other people with operating a food facility and doing business without a permit.

Reulas rejected a plea deal for three years of probation, instead choosing to stand trial where she could be sentenced to up to a year in jail.

Sheesh. This seafood-selling smackdown sounds way harsh, but San Joaquin County maintains its stance that selling food without a health department inspection poses a danger to consumers.