This mom showed up at her daughter’s college as a surprise and took a selfie in a stranger’s dorm by mistake

McKenna Pilling from New York just finished her freshman year at Utah State University. She was in the process of moving out of her dorm when she received a surprising text from her mom, Deanna.

Pilling’s mom had decided to surprise her daughter with a visit to help her get packed up, except the surprise didn’t exactly go as planned.

“She came to surprise me from New York City to help clean out my dorm and apparently walked in the wrong dorm,” Pilling told BuzzFeed News. “No one was in there so she laid down for five minutes in the wrong bed and decided to send me a picture as a surprise.”

Pilling tweeted a screen shot of the text conversation with her mom, because it was clearly too ridiculously funny not to. false

The tweet has since been retweeted over 17 thousand times, and the mother/daughter duo was even featured on Good Morning America

Pilling and her mom didn’t intend for the hilarious mistake to become news, but they think it’s super comical that it has.

“My intention was only for family and friends to see [the tweet], hence the caption, ‘Momma Pilling at it again,’ because the people I know know her as ‘Momma Pilling’,” Pilling told BuzzFeed News. “But once it got bigger and bigger we just couldn’t stop laughing because it was so unexpected.” false

“Every time I refresh my feed more retweets/favorites pop up, and now all my mom has to say is, ‘I wish I would’ve taken a better picture,’” Pilling said.

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