This mom recreated the Evil Kermit meme while texting her daughter, so she is the ultimate cool mom

Who doesn’t love a good Kermit meme?

The sweet-natured Sesame Street alum has graduated from being just a cute character — he’s now the face of some of the hilarious memes around. From the petty tea-drinking memes that took over last year, Kermit has now graduated to Evil Kermit. And Evil Kermit is turning out to be more versatile than his good-natured counterpart. And one mom has taken Evil Kermit to new heights, turning herself into the ~legendary~ meme.

It all started when 19-year-old Taylor Hannon was out with some friends, and her mom Cheryl texted her to see if she would be back in time for dinner. When Taylor responded that she probably wouldn't, Cheryl could have responded in a multitude of ways. Instead, the mom took to memes to describe exactly how she felt -- and you can't tell us it's not hilarious.

Of course, after Taylor shared the self-created meme on Twitter, it was met with perfect responses and rounds of applause — and it has been retweeted over 70,000 times and liked more than 170,000 times. But as she told Buzzfeed News, what’s even more impressive about Cheryl’s homemade meme was that it was made at work.

She even added, "I honestly couldn't say I was surprised. Anyone who knows my mom knows she does things like this all the time."

Way to take the Evil Kermit meme into your own hands, mom!