This mom just won the “pics or it didn’t happen” meme for all time

When your mom claims to be sitting in front of a famous rapper on a plane, you probably won’t believe her. And you’ll probably question how she even knows who that is.

That was the reaction of twitter user Erika Squires when her mom texted her from an airplane to tell her she was sitting in front of rapper Famous Dex. Naturally, Erika told her mom, Kristi, “pics or it didn’t happen…” Her mom’s proof has definitely gone viral.

Kristi’s pic with the Chicago-based rapper has over 37,000 likes on Twitter so far.

Erika claims that her mom didn’t know who Famous Dex was immediately, but noticed a ton of people talking to him. Kristi Squire’s Twitter bio states, “I’ll do anything for my sweet kids.” And obviously, she will. She even made a Twitter account because she’s “famous now.” Too. Cute.

People are super into Kristi’s multiple photos with the rapper. One Twitter user says, “Mom of the year,” while another adds, “Kristi!! Im Shook.”

Meeting rappers and artists on planes isn’t rare. In 2016, another mom sat next to rapper Rich Homie Quan and documented the experience with a photo and series of texts.

Erika Squires, still in high school, is waiting for Famous Dex to retweet something from her mom so that her post can blow up even more. The waiting game is on.

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