Mom has the perfect response to people who bullied her toddler for wearing hearts on his socks

Moms are so badass. We know that already. But sometimes we encounter a Mom moment that just blows our minds, leaves us in tears, and restores our faith in all that is good in the world. Brace yourselves, friends, because you are about to encounter such a moment.


Thirty-something mother Shona Campbell is shaking up the way we think about children and gender. A few days ago, she released a Facebook post about her latest experience with another mother at her kid’s nursery. Apparently, she overheard some rude, incredibly gendered commentary about the (adorable) heart-covered socks on the feet of her three-year-old son, who she was picking up from daycare.


Isn’t he a sweetheart? And doesn’t he look great in red?

Not everyone thinks so. Shona had this to say about the unpleasant experience, addressed to the mom in question: “When your child pointed out my SON had love hearts on his socks, and mocked them for being GIRLS socks you absolutely tore apart my faith in this world, because you agreed and laughed along with your child.”