This mom opened up about her postpartum hair, and taught us something we never knew

We remain 100% fascinated by pregnancy. Whether you’ve been pregnant before or not, it’s impossible to know all of the ins and outs of what it means to be pregnant, and we learn something new every day! And today we’ve learned that postpartum hair is an issue for loads of new parents. Yeah, we didn’t know either! But, as we learned from Self, new mom and author Giovanna Fletcher gave birth in February, and recently shared what the pregnancy has done to her hair. We’re. So. Curious.

If you, like us, had no idea that postpartum hair was even a thing, this is what it looks like:

The new mom captioned the photo,

"The regrowth... waaaah! I look like a troll! Xx"

In the comments, MANY moms agreed, teaching us that, wait, this is actually super common problem. One mom said,

“I feel your pain. Two years on and still have this, one wrote. “I called them ‘my wings’ as they were growing out."

Another mom echoed the issue, saying,

“I’ve had this problem since my daughter was born and thought something was really wrong with my hair, she said. “I feel so relieved I’m not on my own!

Aw. We sort of love this community of moms supporting each other online. See? Social media isn’t evil! But seriously, guys, this is why we love the internet. Because it reminds us we’re never the only one. And loads of new parents suffer from hair loss and other bizarre new hairstyles thanks to pregnancy hormones!

But it’s all worth it, because, obviously, you end up with one of these:

All the love for these amazing mamas!

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