This mom of the year literally dragged herself across the floor like a spy so she wouldn’t wake her sleeping baby

Anyone who has ever cared for a baby knows that trying to remain as quiet as possible while they sleep is the ultimate challenge. The slightest noise could  startle that baby awake, leaving you to soothe it over cries, yelling, and general fussiness.

That’s why our heart goes out to this mom who took to some extreme measures that we can all relate to in order to let her sleeping baby continue to rest.

Caryn Morris is the hero all moms can relate to. Her child, 15-month-old Brody, has been a bundle of joy, but all of that goes out the window once he tries to fall asleep.

After he finally closed  his eyes, just like any other mother, Caryn found herself trying to devise a strategy to best lead her to her own downtime without waking up her son.

Nanny cam footage actually recorded Caryn’s escape plan, which involved her literally crawling on the floor to make her escape.

Her husband, Tyrone, posted the video on Facebook, and it’s since gone viral. There’s nothing like crawling inchworm-style on the floor to avoid waking a sleeping baby to bring the Internet together.

We’re sure that many mothers and caretakers of children know how real this video is. Our hearts go out to Caryn for making this necessary sacrifice, reminding us we aren’t alone in devising maneuvers to keep napping babies everywhere sound asleep.

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