This mom got real about the struggles of breastfeeding on Instagram, and her honesty is so important

When we’re struggling or feeling insecure, it’s not always our first instinct to talk about it on social media — and that’s just one reason why it’s so important that a new mom got real about the struggles of breastfeeding on Instagram. Heyona Cho posted about a problem many new moms face but may be hesitant to talk aboutbreastfeeding when you have low milk supply.

Heyona Cho posted a photo of herself breastfeeding her newborn with a caption describing the struggle: "The feeling you get when your newborn cries for milk is hard to describe. The heartbreak you feel when your newborn cries and you don't have milk is even harder to describe."

“This must be an unspoken reality for SO many new moms,” Cho wrote, explaining that each night she’s forced to make the painful decision of whether to give her newborn son formula or let him go to bed hungry.

"And still, which ever choice we make, nobody wins — shame. What the hell is in formula? Why does this stuff smell like rubber? Will my milk ever come in? Am I doing something wrong? Nobody ever told me," she wrote. "Nobody ever told me about the challenges of breastfeeding."


Cho’s post goes on to address her fellow new moms who may be experiencing the same problem but are afraid to talk about it — and she provides a powerful reminder that there’s no “right” way to breastfeed. Everyone’s experience is different and women with low milk supply shouldn’t feel ashamed or alone.

"Feel no guilt or shame as you continue into your journey of motherhood," she reminds other new mothers. "Some things we just cannot control, and so, we will make the best choices that we know how and we will have done it all with love in our hearts SO full that it cries out from our eyes. I love you."

Although no one told Cho about the struggles of low milk supply, her post has raised awareness and her words will undoubtedly provide comfort to other new moms who are experiencing the same problem. She also provides an important reminder that motherhood isn’t a competition, and new moms can be an amazing support system to one another — both in person and through social media.

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