This mom gets so real about what it’s really like after you give birth, and we’re officially bowing down

You don’t have to be a mom to be awed and amazed by the strength it takes to give birth. But those who have done it understand just how tough it is, before, during, and even after the baby leaves the womb and enters the world. Your body goes through so many changes, and not all of them are glamorous – in fact, most of them are anything but. What is glamorous however, is when a new mom shares her experience – including all the raw and honest deets – with other moms to make them feel less alone. BEHOLD.

Bekki Pope is one such mom, and she hilariously details her everyday experiences in motherhood on Facebook, and her blog, Mummy Mumbles. Pope gave birth to her son Barnaby on July 1st, and has since been things that new moms should be aware of. Her post on Facebook, “20 things to know the day after you push out a baby” has garnered 2.2k liked, and over 700 shares, and it’s because she holds absolutely nothing back.

Here are just a few of her gems:

"Gravity will make your vagina spit out everything that's been in there for nine months. She's held it all in for long enough and now she's letting it out like she's revealing all to a group at 'Ouchaholics Anonymous.'" "Your nipples are more cracked than an amaretti biscuit." "You will want to eat everything. Suddenly your appetite comes back as your body remembers you need fuel in order to not die and feed another person. Get people to stop bringing you flowers and cards and to bring you cake. Lots of cake. And maybe some biscuits. For when you are in between wanting cakes and want something slightly healthier."

Two words: YAS. QUEEN.

Pope’s full post certainly worth a read, because she lays it all down for new moms, and she does so with more courage and confidence than I have ever seen.

She is the goddess we need, and we are lucky to have her honesty.

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