The mom of the “gender creative” boy who was the subject of James Woods’ homophobic tweet has responded in the best way

Following an insensitive, homophobic tweet sent out by actor James Woods, the mother of 10-year-old “gender creative” C.J. has spoken out, calling the social media post “hugely misinformed.”

Lori Duron, the author of the blog Raising My Rainbow, had shared a picture of herself, her husband, and their son at their first LGBTQ Pride event on social media. Unfortunately, the adorable picture was picked up by Woods and used to spread vitriolic rhetoric. The tweet caught the attention of Neil Patrick Harris, a friend of the family, who called the 70 year old’s comments “utterly ignorant and classless.”

Now speaking to, Lori has shared her thoughts about Woods’ tweet about her son, and what she has to say is so important.

“The fact that it was so detailed, it’s really gross to me any time that adults talk about children that way,” she said, explaining that she first saw the tweet after a friend of hers came to her defense on Facebook. “And the visual image that he evoked was troubling.”

Woods’ original tweet, which accompanied the below image, was pretty graphic, with the actor suggesting that when C.J. grew up he would want to “dismember” his parents and stuff them “into a freezer in the garage.” 

Continuing, Lori explained how she and her family have spent the last seven years publicly sharing their story with the world through her blog, news outlets, and her Instagram account, but said that she wasn’t aware that it would cause such a response from Woods because he just wasn’t on their radar.

“I feel like adults should know better,” she said.

In fact, Lori went on to say that Woods’ tweet was actually “hugely misinformed.”

"LGBTQ youth don’t hurt their parents, they hurt themselves, she said. “We’re trying to raise our son in way that he doesn’t fall into those behaviors. His tweet was so uninformed. LGBTQ youth do not kill other people, they kill themselves.

Lori is right: Young lesbian, gay, and bisexual people are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight counterparts. More shockingly, the Trevor Project states that 40 percent of transgender individuals have attempted suicide, with 92 percent of those saying they attempted to take their lives before the age of 25.

Lori Duron should be praised for supporting her “gender creative” son and for allowing him to express his gender identity in any way he sees fit.

“We’re trying to educate others about this and share our journey. We’re just parents trying to raise the child we got and not the child we expected,” she explained. She also sent her thanks to Neil Patrick Harris for his support.

Meanwhile, James Woods has responded to the criticism surrounding his tweet.

“Using one’s child as a social justice propaganda doll is tantamount to child abuse. This is not about homophobia. Nice try though,” he wrote on Twitter. “For the record I have supported human rights of all stripes and persuasions, colors, creeds, choices and preferences my entire life. Period. Some children can be ruthlessly cruel to children who are simply different in any way. I humbly suggest making your child a target is unwise.”

Finally, he added: “I spent my entire adult life in the New York theatre scene, kids. I have more gay friends than Liberace. So let’s stop the homophobia train.”

Regardless of what Woods says, we think what Lori and her husband are doing for their 10 year old is admirable, and we 100 percent support them. What’s more, we’re so incredibly thankful for Neil Patrick Harris for speaking out in support of LGBTQ families everywhere.

You can follow C.J. and his family’s adventures on Lori’s blog.

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