This mom found her 8th-grade son’s hip-hop playlist and her reaction was hilarious

Remember when you were a kid and secretly got into all sorts of shit when your parents were off somewhere adulting? We know — we can barely recall those days either, but the hilarious reaction from this mom who found her 8th grade son’s Spotify playlist just brought back a ton of memories from when we first realized precisely how much stuff our parents just don’t understand.

In the video that was shared on Twitter by the 8th grader’s sibling, a woman in mom meltdown mode skims through her son’s hip-hop playlist. Although science says hip-hop is good for your brain (really good, in fact), there’s no way in hell anyone can convince this mommiest of moms that J. Cole’s “Wet Dreamz” is actually effective nourishment for her kid’s neurons.

In fact, she completely flips out and tells him that his music choices are affecting his brain and turning him into “a psychotic person.” false

Oof. Thankfully, the video ends in the middle of mom’s rant because we’re absolutely dying of secondhand embarrassment.