This mom proudly displays her stretch marks in beautiful pictures with her daughter

There’s a lot about childbirth and being a mom that we just don’t see in the media. There’s so much pressure for public figures to bounce back with seemingly perfect bodies after childbirth. However, it is a trend that sweeps a lot of the day-to-day realities of motherhood under the rug. That’s why we’re loving these body positivity posts from cosmetologist and new mom Abagail Wedlake!

Wedlake recently posted beautiful pictures of her and her daughter showing off her stretch marks.

She describes them as ‘earned,’ which is honestly so powerful!

Wedlake points out something so obvious, and yet so important, about stretch marks. They come with bringing life into the world.

In an interview with People, Wedlake reveals that she spent a little time feeling self conscious about her stretch marks after giving birth to her four-month-old daughter. In the interview she said:

"Just after birth I felt extremely insecure about my body. Not only did I have all the extra skin and stretch marks, I had a big cesarean scar to go along with it. That morning before I posted that picture, staring at the mirror holding my daughter I realized that these are earned. I carried her for nine months and earned these stretch marks and the cesarean scar below them.

We totally get where she’s coming from.

We think it’s so incredible that Wedlake shared such a real and intimate part of childbirth with the world. It’s also wonderful to hear about how she came to embrace them. Here is to hoping that by sharing her experiences she’ll inspire other moms the world over. Stretch marks are not only beautiful, but they’re a badge of motherhood that should be celebrated!

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