More than 4 million people are freaking out over this pic of a mom and her daughter

People take photos with their parents/guardians all the time. Some even post them online, on social media, for all to admire. But very rarely do these snapshots end up gaining… over 4.6 million views!

Last week, a story worth such an impressive view count was set in motion. 25-year-old actress/opera singer Shaylyn Gibson received several throwback photos from her sister Leah. They were images of their mom, Fiona, when she was younger.

Instantly, Shaylyn noticed that she was sporting the exact same outfit as her mom in one of the snapshots – right down to the red-rimmed glasses. Bonus: Fiona was also 25 years old when the pic was taken!

Shaylyn tells People“I laughed, took a photo from the same angle and sent it back to my sister.” Later on, she posted the side-by-side photos on Imgur, which is when people began to notice that the mother and daughter look practically identical. The outcome: over 4 million views.

Also, it turns out that the resemblance doesn’t end there. “I like to think our personalities are similar, but it’s probably just because I still adore her in the way little girls think their moms are queens of the world,” Shaylyn explains. “We’re both very optimistic and generally just happy people. My mom is extraordinarily passionate about enjoying life, and has taught me to be passionate in the same way. “

Both Shaylyn and Fiona also love a good dose of spontaneity. “Sometimes she’ll say things out of nowhere like, ‘Let’s just all jump in the pool in our clothes!’ for the sake of ‘creating a memory.’ My siblings and I will just laugh, but I find myself doing the same things. It’s just our way of embracing being alive,” states the 25-year-old, adding that they also share a “mildly alarming obsession with tea.”

Overall, Shaylyn truly loves and respects her mom, who is now a 57-year-old nurse. “My mother and I are very, very close and I am extremely lucky to have been raised by her. She is the most wonderful woman on the face of the earth. I know almost everyone says that about their own mom, but my mom is really special. She is the kindest, most giving and most vibrant person.”

Aside from compelling us to give our own parents/guardians a call to tell them we love them, this story also makes us want to do a side-by-side with their old photos. It would be fascinating to see if any similarities have withstood the test of time.

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