A mom joined her daughter on stage when she froze during a talent show, and the video will make you happy sob

We’d like to introduce you to the viral video mom who helped her daughter “rise” above fear after stage fright took over during a talent show. When 10-year-old Makayla Ferrell began singing Andra Day’s anthem “Rise Up,” her mom Shaye Washington noticed that Makayla was becoming overwhelmed.

So, what did she do? She jumped on stage like the hero she is and joined Makalaya as she sang — to the cheers and encouragement of the entire audience. Yes, we’re happy crying, and we’re not gonna apologize. Plus, there’s a video of the entire thing, which currently has over eight million views on Facebook.

"What her mom did had me in tears and I cry every time I watch it," Rhonda Whitney, the woman who captured the beautiful moment, wrote on Facebook. "Thank you for showing us all something so beautiful, and inspirational. In my eyes you won the talent show."

You can see the whole thing unfold in the below video:

Washington later told CBS News that she did what any mom would have done.

"I was like, 'Uh-oh it looks like she's about to have a meltdown or have a breakdown.' And I don't want her to feel defeated... so that's when I just stepped in to help her going," she said.

We think we can all agree that there is no one more deserving of the Mother of the Year Award than Ms. Shaye Washington. Though Makayla technically didn’t win the talent show, we have a feeling she’s going to remember the special moment for years to come.

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