This mom took a selfie with her baby after a C-section, and they have adorable matching smiles

More and more we’re seeing selfies of things we never expected to see selfies of. Like, for example, the happiest C-section selfie we’ve ever seen (not that we’ve seen many…any). A mother took a selfie with her newborn daughter, Carmel, and the baby’s father immediately following her C-section.

And although we’re kinda impressed by her extreme dedication to social media, it’s pretty freakin’ adorable. For most people, having a kid is one of the more thrilling moments of their lives, so we totally get this mom’s desire to document the moment. And it was definitely worth it, because the genuine joy on their faces is A LOT to handle.

Also, Carmel herself looks THRILLED.

So that’s, y’know, not gonna overwhelm us with emotion. SHE’S JUST SO HAPPY TO BE PART OF THIS CUTE, CUTE FAM.

The only things that might be more adorable than this newborn pic, are the photos Carmel’s mom has taken of her and shared with her adoring public following her birth — Carmel in COSTUMES. Omg.

Here’s Carmel as a mermaid. Yeah, you needed that in your life.

Here’s Carmel in a penguin onesie. YEP.

Here’s Carmel with her two-month birthday cake.

We didn’t know that was an occasion, but boy oh boy, are we glad it is.

Carmel is still teeny tiny, but we’re looking forward to seeing what she and her mom have in store for her in terms of more adorable outfits to make us smile. We’re def giving this Instagram account a follow — and congrats to the proud parents on their lil’ mermaid.