This mom breastfeeds while doing yoga and we’re seriously impressed

Moms have to deal with a whole lotta crap, from constant backlash over breastfeeding (in public, not enough, for too long, it never ends!) to wimpy maternity leave to confidence issues. So we are *so* here for badass moms who break out of norms so they can live their lives like they want to, and this yoga-loving mom wasn’t going to let a newborn stop her from getting back into her practice. Like, you go, girl!

Carlee Benear, mom of three, breastfeeds her baby while doing yoga.

“Once my daughter was born, we were inseparable,"  she told The HuffingtonPost UK. "After a few weeks of staring at her every move I felt the urge to get back on my mat and step back into my practice with this fresh new joy surrounding me."

We seriously love this SO MUCH.

“Breastfeeding and caring for a newborn are a full-time job on their own. So, gradually I took her on the mat with me."

What a seriously incredible mom. According to Cosmopolitan, Benear did yoga regularly throughout her third pregnancy, so just quitting entirely felt wrong. We get why she’d want to keep going, and we love her dedication.

“Once we started feeding and flowing, a spark ignited. We were connected again in harmony. 

Ugh, she’s so amazing! What a major QUEEN.

H/T Cosmpolitan 

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