This mom breastfed her baby at her own hockey game — in uniform! — and the photo is giving us major feels

Being a mom comes with so many challenges, especially while your kid is a newborn. Sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and… breastfeeding. It’s still not socially acceptable to feed your kid in public everywhere you go, which is kind of ridiculous, since it’s such a natural part of life. But one mom is stomping all over that stigma — or should we say skating? In a photo that’s going viral, a mom is seen breastfeeding her baby in her hockey uniform during her own game, and it’s so inspiring to see that she can do what she loves while taking care of her kiddo at the same time.

In the photo, which was shared by Milky Way Lactation Services in Alberta, Canada, a mom named Serah Small sits topless in her arena’s locker room, feeding her baby. It’s such a simple photo of something that is just a regular part of the day for breastfeeding moms, but the fact that she shared it publicly is huge.

Yeah, it’s a really sweet photo of a mother and her baby, but it’s also proof that moms (and women) can do whatever they want after having a kid. Play hockey? Cool. Breastfeed your kid? Cool. Do both at the same time? Also possible.

Small also shared a closeup of the photo on her own Facebook account, along with her thoughts on what this time has been like for her (and her body) as a new mom.

“I have a really hard time feeding Ellie covered and have chose not to cover her at all,” Small wrote. “Although at times I feel the burn of judgemental eyes I feel more empowered than anything to be able to meet my babies needs the way my body intended.”

Breastfeeding in public needs to be normalized, because no mom should feel like she needs to go into hiding just because her baby is hungry. Good for Small for embracing what makes her feel good — sounds like her daughter is pretty lucky to have such a cool mom.

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