This mom blogger is fighting back after Instagram AND Facebook took down her body-positive photo

Constance Hall – a blogger, author, and tell-it-like-it-is mom – is not cool with the Internet trying to police her body. With over 90,000 followers on Instagram and more than 816,000 likes on her Facebook page, Constance is an Australian who has gained loads of fans because she’s always been brutally honest about motherhood and empowerment.

Yet, in her latest photo on Instagram, Constance revealed that these two social media platforms deleted a picture she posted – one that was meant to celebrate her natural mom body.

We don’t know exactly what was taken down, but sifting through the comments tells us that the picture was an intimate shot of Constance and her daughter. And someone who just couldn’t handle seeing Constance’s beautiful mom tummy reported the photo to Insta and Facebook admin. In response to this takedown, Constance then posted this shot of herself:

Facebook and Insti deleted the photo of my glorious curvaceous comfy body the other night,” the mom wrote. “In an act that can only be described as #mumbod envy.

The above pic tells us two things: Constance has an incontrovertible self-confidence that isn’t going to be affected by anyone’s body-policing, and she’s funny as hell. Her body is perfect and beautiful exactly the way it is. And it’s just not fair that we’re (seemingly) only allowed to look at a certain type of body on social media, while not being able to witness a mother’s body cuddling next to her daughter.

Constance now wants to send moms everywhere the message that they should be proud of their body, no matter what society tries to tell them about the “standard of beauty.”

You can see right off the bat that Constance has an endless amount of fans who are coming forward to agree with her – especially since the photo was a beautiful moment, and there was nothing inappropriate about it. One person commented on Constance’s Facebook post and said: “I love your confidence! It makes me love my mummy pouch and stretch marks.” Another wrote, “So someone on your page has reported the picture!! The photo actually made me feel better about my own body. And gave me confidence that I too am beautiful.

Let’s all raise a glass to Constance, her rockin’ body, and for her fighting to make the world more accepting of all body types.

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