10 tweets you will definitely relate to if your mom is your best friend

It’s 2007, and my mom and I just finished a shouting match. Neither of us have any recollection of what we were fighting about, but I’m going to assume it was my fault.

Just minutes after I slammed my bedroom door shut, my mom re-enters my room.

“I’m hungry,” she says. “Want to go to lunch?”

I look up at her for a long moment.

“Sure,” I say with a shrug, hopping off of my bed.

Growing up, my mom and I did everything together, and no matter how hard we fought we couldn’t stand to be angry at each other for more than a few minutes. Even now, after college and then a career took me states away, we still talk on the phone several times a day, usually for no particular reason.

Whether your mom is biological, adoptive, or someone who has become a parental figure in your life, the words “My mom is my best friend” may have left your lips once or twice. (And your favorite show may or may not be Gilmore Girls.) So in the spirit of Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate that special relationship, because you only get one of them.

Here are 10 tweets you’ll definitely relate to if you and your mom are BFFS.

1She’s there to support you during your big moments


2And you’re there to support her for hers


3You want the absolute best for her


4You’re always thrilled to get hand-written correspondence from her

5You’ve considered expressing your profound love for your mother in ink 


6She tries the hilarious stuff you show her


7You want to buy her gigantic cups of coffee (or other nice things)


8There are no secrets between you

9She gets you involved in all of her schemes


10You’re honestly just amazed at your relationship with her

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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