The awesome reason this woman posted a Facebook pic of her belly

Late last week, South Carolina musician Kimberly Henderson posted a candid photo of herself to her Facebook page. In the photo, Henderson had lifted her t-shirt to reveal her beautiful, natural post-baby belly. Henderson paired the photo with an an in-depth explanation as to why she would expose such a personal part of herself to her 184,000 Facebook fans —and what she had to say is important.

The post already has over 111,000 likes and 10,994 shares —and for an empowering reason. So many women struggle with body-acceptance, particularly after they have children. In our culture, women are expected to “bounce back” right away, to lose all the weight they gained during their pregnancy and return back to their “normal” bodies. And it’s frustrating, since we really should be celebrating what the female body is capable of doing—creating a human life.

And this is precisely the message Henderson communicated when she posted this intimate, honest Facebook update. Fans who responded to Henderson’s experience have shared their own struggles and experiences. One commenter wrote, “I wanna like this a million times. I have 3 biological kiddos and they of course took a toll on my body. I have struggled for years to finally come to terms with my stretch marks and loose skin.” Another wrote, “You inspire me. After having my first daughter I have been so hard on myself and accepting my body. I use to look good and now I feel so ugly but posts like these make me stronger.”

It’s amazing how a simple photo and an honest comment can resonate with so many people for all the right reasons. We couldn’t be more impressed and inspired by Henderson’s honesty and her willingness to spread such a positive message about our gorgeous, natural bodies.

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