There will *probably* be a “Modern Family” season nine, and we’re holding our breath!

Given that America has been deeply in love with ABC’s hit show Modern Family for nearly a decade, everyone wants it to come back next season. Season eight continues to bring the laughs every week. Fans will be heartbroken if the show gets cancelled. The good news is that there will *probably* be a Modern Family season nine, but it’s not super clear right now.

The cast and crew just wrapped on the last episode of season eight, according to Deadline.

And here’s the good news for Modern Family fans:

As far as we know, NO alternative endings were filmed, which usually happens when a show is on the cancellation bubble. Furthermore, the show has been in negotiations for the last two weeks about the renewal. Mostly the conversation centers around pay raises for the cast. That also sounds like they’re coming back to us!!

But don’t celebrate yet.

Negotiations for cast salaries can be a tough beat, especially with a beloved show. The actors took the studio to court last time Modern Family negotiations took place, in 2012.  Everyone eventually settled for what they wanted and the show resumed shooting on schedule. But it all came down to the wire, which is why some people are a little nervous.

But the end of season eight may just not be enough for us!

From what we know, the last episode that was shot features Luke and Manny’s high school graduation. If that is the last episode of the series, fans will never get closure. After all, Andy and Haley need to get back together. We need to see Lily and Joe grow up! So many things need closure and only another season can offer that.