This model’s before-and-after pic proves that weight and happiness are not related

Sadly, so many of us in this world have been trained to think that being skinnier means being happier. Which is why we were heartened to see a recent before-and after pic from Instagrammer KhrystyAna — a model and body-positive activist — that proves health and happiness are not determined by weight.

KhrystyAna wrote in her caption that in 2013 she was trying to become “small enough” to make it as a fashion model.

"Technically i have never been small enough," KhrystyAna wrote. "Even back then with all the dietary suffering and daily long hours at the gym I was at 37.5 hip size, a bit too thick. Was I happy? Absolutely not."

She continued on to say that she beat herself up so hard for not being “small enough,” that it eventually led to severe exhaustion and depression. She wrote,

"But exhaustion was somehow freeing. Freeing from thoughts. Blank brained, I looked at this newer but older me. No more striking judgments. Why? Why should we ever wreck ourselves? For career? parental approvals? romances? or fame? Why did I? Why would you ever?"

Now an advocate for not changing one’s self to gain societal approval, KhrystyAna often posts about body positivity on her Insta feed. In an August post she talked about the “F-word” — fat — and how women can turn a word meant to be shameful into something positive.

KhrystyAna often calls upon her followers to see themselves as beautiful every day. She calls the experience of exploring one’s own beauty an “awakening” that will only lead to empowerment.

"TRUST the NOWEST you," KhrystyAna concludes in her latest post. "Trust that this is deserving of all your love."

Happiness is not determined by the number on a scale — and when we think it is, we’re often disappointed. Remember — love yourself, treat yourself, and be kind to yourself! It will make you feel better than any scale ever will!

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