Mag releases Photoshop-free issue at Zendaya’s request, and wow

Remember back when Zendaya called out the Photoshopping done to her in Modeliste Magazine? After she put the publication on blast on her Instagram, she demanded the magazine only print the issue with images that weren’t Photoshopped. Yesterday, the unedited issue arrived on newsstands, and the pictures prove natural photos of our girl are way more cover-worthy.

In one of the edited photos—which Zendaya called out on Instagram—they smoothed her hair, slimmed her waist, and even inserted an infamous thigh gap.

As per Zendaya’s request, Modeliste reprinted the issue, and posted the new, unedited cover to their Instagram. 

If you’re interested in seeing just how much changed in the magazine’s photo spread, you can take a look at the comparisons over here. But for now, let’s just appreciate that Modeliste did the right thing, and marvel at the wonder that is Zendaya in all her natural beauty. Keep making change, girl! You’re always picture perfect to us.

(Image via Instagram)

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