This woman was born without legs. Now she’s taking over the modeling world.

You know us, we love a good, inspirational model story, and models don’t get more inspiring than 23-year old Kanya Sesser. As Caters News Agency reports, Kanya was born without legs and spent her early years in an orphanage in Thailand. When she was 5, she was adopted by an American family, whereupon she moved to Portland Oregon.

Rather than use a wheelchair, Sesser gets around via skateboard. She also surfs and snowboards. And when it comes to the stairs? She uses her arms to get up. “No legs, no limits,” is Kanya’s motto, and she makes good on these words every day.

Kanya models for athletic brands (including a stint with Billabong) as well as swimsuit and lingerie lines. What makes Kanya different is what makes her the model these brands are all dying to employ. Kanya loves the way she looks, and though she’s not immune to the stares she gets from strangers, she’s come up with a great way of putting that attention in perspective.

“Yes, people do stare at me,” Kanya told Caters TV. “Since I’m around skating on Venice Boardwalk and surfing, people do look at me. But, you know, when people stared at me or looked at me I just thought to myself ‘OK, cool, I’m a celebrity.’”

Kanye makes $1000 a day modeling (Go lady!) and she’s also currently training for the 2018 Winter Paralympics. She fully embraces what makes her different, she loves her body and loves everything it has done for her.

“I’m different and that’s sexy,” Kanya told Caters. “I don’t need legs to be sexy.”

Check out this rad video Caters TV made of Kanya below:


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