This model is calling for stylists to “learn how to do black hair” — after they avoided her backstage at fashion week

As the fashion world appears to become more inclusive season after season, we need to remember to look behind the curtain to see whether positive change is actually happening in the industry — and not just where it’s visible. While ad campaigns have started featuring an array of bodies, gender identities, sexualities, and ethnicities, is this burgeoning inclusivity also at fashion week? According to model Londone Myers, the answer is no.

After stylists avoided her because they didn’t know how to do her hair, Londone took to Instagram to express her frustration at the lack of acknowledgment and respect for models of color.

In the timelapse, we see Londone sitting with headphones on, waiting to get her hair done before a show. But stylist after stylist ignores her. Even after asking for stylists who work with black hair, Londone was rejected. In an interview with People, the model shares more, revealing,

"I simply asked around the room for who did black hair multiple times and was cast aside, until they sat me in this guy’s chair who tried to send me off looking unpolished, like the other [black] girls. One of the other black models saw all of the lint in my hair and was surprised."

The worst part? Londone wasn’t the only one not getting the attention she deserved.

Apparently, three or four other black models were also being ignored. But thankfully, Londone’s social media post has gone viral, and other models like Jourdana Phillips are chiming in, saying that since there are black models, there should also be stylists and makeup artists who are equipped to work with them.

By continuing to speak up, Londone is helping to change the fashion industry. Our hope is that, in the future, models will never have to experience what she went through. It can be hard to share your voice, but in cases like this, it’s so important — and it can pay off.

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