Model Iskra Lawrence loves this very rare thing about her body

In a new video for Runway Riot, Aerie model and body positive champion, Iskra Lawrence, dishes on her favorite body part. Odds are it’s not what you think!

The video is part of Iskra’s #AskIskra project, in which she answers questions from fans. Responding to a tweet from Allie, Iskra says that the last time she was asked to name her favorite body part was in her modeling audition for Aerie. In case you’re wondering if being asked that question is a normal thing for a modeling audition, the answer is no. It’s not. But Aerie is unique, and that’s one of the things we love best about them! (Aside from the amazing underwear and all.)

Iskra explains that the part of her body she likes best is…(wait for it)…her webbed toes. For real, you guys. Iskra Lawrence has webbed feet. Is it wrong that we want to believe this is because she’s part mermaid? Because we really do. (Hey, it’s possible. She used to be a national swimmer.)

She says her toes aren’t “crazy webbed” like a duck or anything, but they’re for sure webbed. She didn’t even realize it herself until a friend pointed it out while they were watching Netflix. Which to us, is just further evidence that Iskra is serious BFF material. We want to hang with you, Iskra Lawrence!

Iskra says her webbed toes are her favorite thing about her because they’re “cool and different and weird and unique.” She’s right, because apparently, only 1 in 2,500 people are born that way.

We love how much Iskra loves her feet. Even more, we love how she encourages others to embrace the things that make them special and unique. All of the yes!

You can watch Iskra’s latest Ask Iskra video here.

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