This curvy model just dropped major wisdom about beauty and the misguided notion that skinny is better

If Iskra Lawrence looks familiar, it’s probably because she’s one of the stars of Aerie’s “The Real You Is Sexy” campaign, as well being famous on Instagram for showing off her gorgeous curves and spreading her message of body image acceptance and positivity all over social media (queen!).

Like anyone who puts herself out there and takes a stand on the Internet, Iskra has her share of haters. (Ugh, why does this happen? Seriously, why?) On any given day, the body positivity movement can feel like one step forward, two steps back. Despite new stars like Iskra and Ashley Graham championing diversity in the modeling world, there are still those who say skinny is better. Being the amazing and inspirational woman that Iskra is, she recently addressed this question head-on in her web series for Runway Riot.

Of course, everything she has to say is ON POINT. Such as, “The thing is, with the world everyone is going to have a different opinion on what beautiful is and have a preference and instead of worrying about whether someone prefers you being skinny or thick, or curvy, or tall, or – you know – brown hair, or blonde hair, whatever it is. Just remember that you’re beautiful because you are you.”

Shall we repeat that? YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU. So. Much. Truth.

Iskra goes on to say, “And your worth is not judged by anybody else’s opinion, your worth is yourself. You decide if you’re beautiful and you feel beautiful, because it’s actually more about who you are, not just what you look like. So that’s just how I deal with it. I um, you know, people tell me all the time on social media hateful things, but it doesn’t affect me, because I’m Iskra and I know I’m special for more reasons than just what I look like.”

Cue our standing ovation!!! *all of the clapping hand emojis*

Take a look at the video in its entirely below, then go take a look at your gorgeous self in the mirror and tell that girl she’s beautiful. Because she is.

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