This model is completely owning her unibrow

Whether you’re one for the on-fleek Insta brows with their perfect arch and striking highlight, or if you’re all about the laid back natural “boy brow,” you’ll agree that brows are all the rage in the beauty world. One model is taking brows to the next level and owning her natural unibrow. Thanks to 19-year-old Scarlett Costello, we could be seeing a resurgence of the unibrow in the near future.

Costello told TeenVogue that her unibrow has been with her for her entire life. She went through a phase where she desired shaped brows, but decided it was more “her” to let her brows grow to their full glory.

"My mom always told me it’s good to have thick brows because she plucked her thin ones off in the '90s when pencil brows were in," Costello said to TeenVogue. "For awhile, I waxed it for modeling."

But after her agency, Ford Paris, suggested she grow the uni out, Costello took the plunge.

"I started to think that I looked better with it," Costello said. "I’m a big believer in the idea that everyone looks the best the way their genes intended them to. The confidence of embracing natural beauty is what makes it great."

Costello has gotten both positive and negative feedback for her personal decision. She’s been called a “pretentious feminist” and an “ogre” (UGH!), but those comments haven’t thwarted her efforts to let her unibrow and natural beauty shine.

Her unibrow has helped her snag a few modeling jobs with photographers who love the natural look. Sometimes the jobs require her to tweeze, but other jobs fill the unibrow out even more. Luckily, if the tweezers have to come out, Costello knows the uni will be back soon enough. She helps it out by using castor oil to make her brow hairs grow faster.

And when she’s not modeling and rocking her brow on social media, Costello attends art school in Brooklyn.

"I’m a painting major," she told TeenVogue. "I’m really passionate about the art side of fashion and gearing my style towards that. Ideally, I'd love to do styling and creative direction, which I do on a small scale now."

And although she bares a striking resemblance to our favorite person Frida Kahlo, Costello admitted her brow icon is actually Brittany Byrd, who likes to keep her brows pastel pink.

Costello might be on her way to heading the unibrow revolution and we are 100% on board.

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