This model has a super body-positive way to embrace the inevitable moment when your clothes don’t fit

We’ve all been there. The moment you pull on a reliable piece of clothing only to find it no longer fits. Most of us react by blaming ourselves for gaining weight. But full-size model Joby Bach is here to save you from fits of self-loathing and unnecessary low self-esteem.

Sometimes our lives get too busy for that regular trip to the gym, or to prepare meals ahead of time like we’d hope to. Sometimes it’s all you can do to drive through McDonald’s on your way to your next engagement and hope that it’s enough fuel to get you through the day, y’know?

Bodies change and grow and shrink, so we’re totally into the body-positive way Joby Bach refers to her now smaller clothes.

Her caption reads:

BIG BOOTY PROBLEMS LEFT :well....😒I realised the bodysuit is now too small for me. RIGHT: FUCK IT...I CUT THE DAMN BODYSUIT (PROBLEM SOLVED) 😏

It can be hard to let yourself off the hook when you feel like you’ve gained weight you weren’t looking to gain — but more important than letting yourself off the hook is recognizing you shouldn’t be on it in the first place. We’re super inspired by Joby’s body-positive outlook, and the way she refused to blame herself for what many of us would reflexively see as a problem.

You didn’t get too big for your clothes, the clothes are just too small. No biggie. Cut that shirt up and turn it into a crop top!

We super applaud Joby for her positivity and mindfulness and hope we can be half as awesome next time this happens to us!

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