Soon, we won’t need an Internet connection to shop at ModCloth. So ready for this.

Just in case you’re not already aware: ModCloth is really freakin’ awesome.

In April, they hired the incredible Rye Silverman, their first transgender model. In February, they launched a swimsuit campaign that celebrated their own employees, who are women of all different shapes and sizes. During August of last year, this superstar brand became the first retailer to stop airbrushing their models by signing an anti-Photoshop pledge. In other words, ModCloth is doing something amazing and world-changing during basically every month of the year.

Now, you’re probably wondering: what’s next for the store that serves as a role model for all other stores? Well, surprise! They are giving birth… to more stores! In July, they opened their first brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco. While this in itself is amazing, it’s also a sign that there’s more to come. There’s going to be more of everything ModCloth in the future: more actual stores, more athletic wear, and even a collection for all those brides-to-be out there!

According to CEO Matt Kaness, the San Francisco-based store is actually temporary. “It’s an incubator, so to speak, of what we think the future of ModCloth stores will be,” he explains to Bloomberg.  

The IRL store they’ve set up is pretty unique. Customers can reserve fitting rooms and book a “ModStylist” to help with sizing in advance of their shopping spree. While some of the clothing is available for direct purchase in the store, other styles are designed to be tried on and then custom-ordered by a ModStylist. It’s not clear if Modcloth plans to expand this exact model to other stores, but it just may be the future of shopping.

“The aspiration is that ModCloth will have a number of permanent fit shop locations nationally,” Kaness says. “We just want to get it right before we start running down a path.”

But no matter what happens, it seems that ModCloth is ready for anything, especially since they collected $150 million dollars in earnings last year. You go, ModCloth! Keep on keepin’ on!

While this is all really exciting, we still have some important questions. What will a ModCloth wedding dress look like? Will there be polka dots? Owls? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when a ModCloth store opens up near us!


Modcloth is the first retailer to sign the no Photoshopping pledge

(Image via Instagram)

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