Modcloth is having a huge dress sale which means its OBVI time to refresh our closets

If you’re feeling ready to update your fall wardrobe but you’re on a budget, you’re in luck, because Modcloth is offering 20% off all dresses until Thursday morning when you enter the promotional code DRESSPLZ at checkout! Because the Modcloth website is a beautiful and overwhelming labyrinth of cute dresses, we have assembled some sale possibilities for you to peruse!

The options are as endless as they are varied, which makes this a dangerous sale — but we think you can handle it.

So go ahead, behold all the beauty on sale, and see if any of these speak to you.

This Artisan Iced Tea Dress In Raspberry, OG Price $60


Find it here.

This Henley Time, Any Place Dress, OG Price $59.99


Find it here!

This Farm to Folk Dress, OG Price $64.99


Get it here now!

This Pin-Up to the Challenge Dress in Onyx, OG Price $129.99


Buy it on sale now!

This House Show Hostess Dress in Dusk, OG Price $64.99


Grab it here.

This Inspired Entrepreneur Dress in Clover, OG Price $69.99


Pick it up here.

This House Show Hostess Dress in Black Dotted, OG Price $69.99


Get it here now!

This Nashville Dress in Sage Bouquet, OG Price $69.99


Buy it here.

This Oh My Gosh Dress in Bats, OG Price $59.99


Find it here.

This Advances in Elegance Dress, OG Price $119.99


Get it here.

This Lady Love Song Dress in Ivory & Noir, OG Price $99.99


Get it here.

This Good Enough to Eat Dress, OG Price $79.99


 Grab this one here. 

Don’t forget to enter the code DRESSPLZ for savings if you’re buying any of these beauties before Thursday!

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