Modcloth has everything you need for cute wedding presents under $40


Weddings can not only be crazy for the bride, groom, and wedding party, the guests can get stressed too — especially when it comes to figuring out exactly WHAT to get the newlyweds! While wedding registries make this problem easy, sometimes you don’t want to be the person that congratulates your friends on their nuptials with a new food processor.

If you want to gift your soon-to-be-hitched pals with something a little more unique, Modcloth has a few ideas for you up their sleeve. Here are 10 ideas for seriously cool wedding gifts, all for under $40! Now…what will you wear?

1. Marquee My Words! Lamp, $29.99


A seriously cute way for the newlyweds to leave each other love nots. Grab here.

2. Posh Pantry Jar Set in Meadow, $34.99


Overnight oats will look pretty sweet in these jars. Wait, do we want them for own? Grab them here.

3. Twine After Time Photo Hanger Kit, $24.99


For all those wedding photos, of course. Grab here.

4. Herb Your Enthusiasm Spice Rack, $19.99


A spice rack may be a typical gift, but they usually don’t look as sleek as this. Get it here.

5. Post-Procession Refreshment Flask in Mrs., $19.99


Your bridefriend might need this BEFORE the wedding. Get it here as well as one for the groom.

6.Gold Crush Mug Set, $34.99


Your newly-married couple will no doubt appreciate this cute mug set. Grab it here.

7.Exemplary Contemporary Vase Set in Gold, $29.99


If your friends love plants, they will love these wall vases. Get them here.

8.Glee Our Guest Plate Set, $39.99


Has wedding china ever looked this stylish? Grab here.

10.The Newlywed Cookbook, $34.99


What could be a more perfect gift for a couple that loves to cook? Find it here.

9.Cocktail Me Everything Shot Glass Set, $29.99


This is really a gift for you, so they can make you a tiny drink in this lil’ pineapple. Get it here.

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