Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems?: Is Lindsay Lohan Living With Her Mom Again?

Lindsay Lohan rumors are flying again.

Though I clearly cannot properly prove that any of this is true, “they” are saying that Lohan has moved to Long Island, New York, in to her infamous mother’s home, because she simply cannot afford to live in Los Angeles any longer. The day has supposedly come in which Lohan cannot afford to rent her own apartment, nonetheless pass the credit checks, pay the security deposit, or even find an eligible co-signer to help support her. All of a sudden, Lohan sounds like an irresponsible eighteen year old.

If these rumors are true, this Lohan situation is becoming increasingly more depressing. As we have previously discussed, the nation (or the part of the nation that cares to think about it) seems pretty torn over Lohan, and what Lohan represents: the “child star” dynamic. Some people believe that Lohan deserves every despairing situation that is handed to her, for she has behaved recklessly and irresponsibly for such a long time that she should finally be paying for her actions. The other, softer crowd seems to believe that Lohan needs some help–real help–from the ones who care about her, the people that are rooting for her, the ones who see inside of her the girl we all fell in love with years ago, before the drugs and legality issues. Lohan, where you at, girl?

There is another issue at hand here, however, one that fits right into the “child star” situation: living outside of your means. If Lohan truly has to move out of the city of Los Angeles because she has blown all of her money partying, (and probably on legal fees), that is an incredible feat. Lohan had, I can only assume, millions of dollars to her name at one point. Sure, I have blown a paycheck on bills and then a nice pair of shoes once upon a time, but I have never made millions on a paycheck. I live within my means. I pay rent first, and all of my other bills accordingly, before I buy a bottle of wine. But this is an epidemic that seems to run rampant among twenty-somethings. Spending more than we have is more common than one may even realize. Perhaps our parents’ laid-back generation as a whole did not prepare us well enough for the Real Lifeness of Real Life? Perhaps our generation, the generation that is often called “lazy” because of our technological advances, did not pay attention enough when we learned how to balance checkbooks in elementary school, for checkbooks became basically obsolete by the time we were in college? We have such easy access to our money at all times, on our phones, with the swipe of a tiny piece of plastic, with the tips we earn at our barista jobs, that maybe we just do not take money seriously enough.

When the concern of money is increased by actual amount of money, does it not just make the problem that much worse?

Plenty of twenty-somethings have a hard time balancing their own money, imagine if you had millions of dollars? It seems like it would be easier to handle, but I personally believe I would have a much worse time with millions of dollars. I wholeheartedly believe in the motto, “if you can make it through the night, there’s a brighter day.” I do not believe that it is ever “too late” for anything. I want to believe that everyone can have a second chance. I do not think the door has closed for Lohan. Sure, she would need to put in plenty of work for her career to be back where it was after Mean Girls, not to mention her bank account. But honestly, at the end of the day, money is just money. It can get you in (and out) of a lot of trouble, but when and if you start thinking clearly, breathing deeply, realizing that life is much bigger and more beautiful than a bunch of green bills, your life will truly begin.

I think Lohan forgot what it was like to be without. I think Lohan needs to grow back up again. She can do it, she does deserve it, because she is not a bad person, she just did a whole bunch of dumb things.

Now, I do not think living with her mother is the right answer, but what do I know?

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