This M&M’s limited-edition flavor may become a permanent part of their candy collection

We love celebrating each and every holiday that’s listed on our calendars. And what we love even more are the seasonal treats that come with those holidays. Our one gripe is that those treats are gone too soon! But, there’s hope. The springtime limited-edition white chocolate M&M’s are about to plant permanent roots in the candy aisle. This is a small step for candy, but one giant leap for candy-kind.

Instagram account, CandyHunting, posted a photo of the white chocolate M&M’s yesterday claiming that the sweet treats are here to stay. The caption reads,

“In addition to the Twix Dark bars, White Chocolate M&M’s will also be out as a non-seasonal item soon!”

CandyHunting prides itself on being the first to post about incoming junk food news before any other junk food-related news source. That being said, CandyHunting’s claim of white chocolate M&M’s becoming an all-season part of the M&M’s collection has yet to be confirmed by M&M’s parent company, Mars.

But we’re crossing our fingers and sending positive vibes to the people over at Mars. Please say yes! Please say yes!

And if anyone who has influence at Mars is reading this — hey, how are you? We love white chocolate M&M’s and we would greatly appreciate them becoming part of the M&M’s permanent collection. And, not be pushy or anything, but every other chocolate brand seems to have an always-available white chocolate choice, so M&M’s should get on that bandwagon!

Again, we’re not being pushy! We’re just enthusiastic! Perhaps, if enough of us wish for white chocolate M&M’s to stick around, then that wish will come true.

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