This is how to sing “MmmBop” in Dothraki, according to Emilia Clarke

Dothraki lessons from Emilia Clarke? Yes, please.

The actress is hitting the late-night circuit lately to promote her new film, Me Before You, but people can’t help ask her about Game of Thrones, because we all have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Seth had quite a few questions about Dothraki — namely whether it’s a “real” language and if so, how to speak it properly.

The Mother of Dragons was all too happy to oblige him and gave us a peek into what sounds like an enormous amount of preparation to speak the fictional language on camera. It turns out, her Game of Thrones scripts explain Daerenys’s lines in both English and Dothraki; she memorizes the correct pronunciation from an mp3 that she’ll listen to at home.


But with such a complicated language, not everyone knows whether she’s speaking it correctly the entire time, right? Seth wondered the exact same thing and Emilia admitted that she has sometimes spoken in Dothraki to say words that weren’t her actual lines. You know, like “MmmBop.”

So of course Seth then had to know how to recite our (and let’s face it, everyone’s) favorite Hanson ditty. Hey you asked for it:


Hey, you asked for it, Seth.

You can check out Emilia Clarke’s full interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers here. And don’t worry, it’s not all in Dothraki:

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