Whatever you think about selfie culture, the way this MLB announcer shamed these teen girls isn’t great

Opinions on the concept of “selfies” are pretty varied. On one end of the spectrum, many find them to be an excellent way to keep a record of hanging with your friends (without anyone having to be left out of the picture!), share where you are and what you’re doing, or even start crucial conversations about important world issues. On the other hand, others can find them vapid, vain, and — specifically when used in conjunction with a selfie stick — dangerous, and obtrusive enough to be banned from parks and music events.

However, no matter what your opinion is on selfie culture, one thing that’s never OK to do on television? Oh, you know, mock an entire group of young girls for thousands of viewers to hear. Unfortunately, two MLB announcers were not aware of this fact and shamed a group of girls at an Arizona Diamondbacks game recently.

When the announcers noticed the girls snapping shots of themselves with their friends, the announcers started to poke fun of them. At first, it seemed like a relatively innocent way of pointing out that there’s a hashtag attendants can use to post photographs on Twitter. “Maybe they’ll tweet us their fan photo! Now’s the time, fans,” one of them said.

But then, it started to go too far. With the camera on the girls without their knowledge for over a minute and broadcasting them to the world, the announcers laughed at them, saying, “Do you have to make faces when you take selfies?”

But that wasn’t all. Here were just some of the comments they made:

It’s fine to not like selfies, and of course, catching someone in the act of taking a selfie always looks a little bit ridiculous and may inspire a chuckle or two. But for two grown men to shame a group of girls having fun together — on television, without their knowledge, with thousands of people watching? Absolutely not OK.

If you think selfies are ridiculous, then don’t take a selfie. Oh, and here’s a tip: Feel free to tell your friends about your views, but let’s collectively decide to not mock young women at length on television while they’re enjoying a baseball game with their friends.

(Image via Twitter.)