Wait. Misty Copeland and ‘Awkward Black Girl’ are joining television forces?

American Ballet Theatre dancer, author, Under Armor spokeswoman, and badass role model to little girls everywhere, Misty Copeland, will be dipping her toes into the world of TV. The star ballerina is teaming up with Awkward Black Girl co-writer Tracy Oliver to executive produce a dance drama for FOX. The narrative of the yet-to-be-titled show will center on a group of “young, hip and diverse” dancers competing for positions at a high-caliber ballet company. 

Oliver seems like a smart match for a production partner, aside from co-creating our obsession ABG she has a performing arts background that extends back to her college years at Stanford. According to Deadline, the idea for the show was initially Oliver’s brainchild. The ABG writer cold-called Copeland and was, “over the moon when Copeland agreed to develop a dance show with her right then on the phone.” Love. 

As for Misty, in addition to her aforementioned achievements, she made her Broadway debut earlier this summer in On the Town as the main love interest, Ivy Smith. Just in case she wasn’t already busy enough.

In an interview with the New York Times, Copeland elaborated on feelings about the state of the dance world and her Broadway involvement. She said, “It’s such a beautiful time right now, I think, for dance, and especially for ballet and bringing it to a much broader audience.” She added, “I always say that it has changed my life, and it’s such a beautiful thing to be a part of — and I think people are realizing that, a new generation is realizing that. It’s so exciting.” Taking ballet to television in this mainstream way is definitely an extension of that mindset. 

While we don’t know too much about the project yet, these early murmurings have completely caught our attention. The word “diverse” probably caught Copeland’s ear as well. As she explained in the documentary made about her life and career, “I don’t think that the classical ballet world will ever accept me . . . I’m black. I have a large chest. I’m muscular.”

Perhaps a TV show about dance and diversity, will make some important strides in opening up the art of dance (and ballet in particular) to the future Misty Copelands of the world.  

We are definitely staying tuned.

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