We are so so excited about the Misty Copeland documentary

Let’s talk about Misty Copeland. She’s a ballerina, a mentor, an inspiration, and after becoming the American Ballet Theater’s first Black principal dancer, she’s a household name. Misty’s story is not a typical one for the ballet world, and her drive and optimism are infectious. In a new documentary — A Ballerina’s Tale — we will get to take a closer look at Misty’s road to ballet success, and we are already predicting the inspiration goosebumps we will feel while watching.

While Misty’s path to principal is not a classic ballerina tale, it is becoming a legend. Misty started dancing years later than most ballerina’s, only first giving it a try at age 13. Misty also didn’t have the typical physique of a successful ballerina and therefore was told “no” about as many times as one can be told that two letter word. “I wasn’t right for ballet,” she said in a speech earlier this year. “My skin was too dark. I was too muscular. My bust was too big.” But with a deep love for dance, Misty set out to prove the naysayers wrong. And prove them wrong she did.

From the beginning, Misty understood that her race, age, and body type were perceived as barriers to her achieving her goals, but she remained determined to achieve her dreams not only by being the best, but also by being herself.

With the trailer for the new doc now out, we are finally getting a taste of what this movie will look like. We cannot wait to learn more about this inspirational woman, and absolutely breathtaking dancer. Her story is one that fills our hearts with inspiration, and watching it unfold on film is a task we are more than ready to take on.

For screening information check out the film’s website

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