Mister Sister Episode 1: Apartment Tour

Mister Sister is our new Mr. Kate interior design and decor mini series that we’re doing to show you all how we’re decorating my little sister Tess’s new LA apartment. She’s moving back to LA from New York City and wants a sophisticated but cozy place. She’s living alone in this 1930s, one-bedroom apartment and she wants the design to reflect her personality. We’re going to play with a mix of black, white, blue, grey, and pops of raspberry and coral as well as some classic and Moroccan patterns.

Watch the video above to see the tour of Tess’s apartment and see us put together a mood board which will act as our map when we get down to decorating.

Please comment below and let us know what you think! For more fun home DIY’s and decorating inspo check out the ‘OMG We Bought A House!‘ series.

The living room

The mood board we made to guide us through the whole decorating process. Tess likes blues, blacks, and whites with strong patterns. We’re going to add a bit of salmon or raspberry in for an accent color.

The kitchen

The breakfast nook

Her bedroom

And finally her bathroom. These are the BEFOREs, so stay tuned for the AFTERs!

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