Why this woman is totally OK with you mistaking her for being pregnant

Asking “When are you due?” to someone who is not pregnant is pretty high up there on the list of Super Awkward Social Situations. It often involves mortified looks, hurt feelings, and copious apologizing.

Jess Rotenberg, a photographer and mother of two young boys, was the recipient of this dreaded question recently, and as the predictable scene of awkwardness ensued, she did something unexpected: paused, and thought, Wait, why is that question considered an insult?

In a beautiful essay for Huffington Post, Jess described how she reacted when an acquaintance congratulated her on a nonexistent pregnancy:

After seeing the embarrassment of the person who asked, Jess began to wonder why, exactly, this question is so taboo in our culture. Basically, if you insinuate that a non-pregnant woman looks pregnant, all you’re saying is that she has a round belly. Why is that one of the worst things you could say to someone?

Jess explained:

PREACH! But seriously, how awesome and insightful is this? Kudos to Jess for digging into the deeper meaning of why we find this question offensive, and pointing out that the TRULY offensive thing about the whole situation is our society’s disgust with bigger bodies.

All bodies are beautiful — fat, thin, pregnant, post-pregnant, non-pregnant. ALL.

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