So there’s one mistake in “Star Wars: Force Awakens,” and it’s a big one

In your eyes, everything about Star Wars: The Force Awakens might be absolutely perfect. But according to director J.J. Abrams, he made one small mistake in the movie, and it’s since snowballed into a BIG mistake, and one that has launched a thousand fan theories about Rey’s parentage.

What’s the moment? After returning back from Starkiller Base and landing back on D’Qar and disembarking the Millennium Falcon, Rey and Princess General Leia hug. If you ask Abrams, this is the one thing he could change about the movie, because it seems to set up that Rey and Leia are much closer than they appear in the movie… and that whole “WAIT could Rey be Han and Leia’s child??” thing.

This hug also means that Leia and Chewbacca do not embrace after the death of Han (and if that’s a spoiler, COME ON), and that might truly the oddest part of this scene. They both just lost their best friend, and are hurting.

Abrams regrets the decision to have Chewie pass by Leia without any acknowledgement, and as he explained to Slash Film:

With this explanation, time to put to rest all any and all mother/daughter theories about Rey and Leia. And there’s always Episode VIII for that hug.


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