Why I don’t mind missing Coachella this year

If you’re going to Coachella and you’re really excited, and you’ve been planning your outfits for weeks, and you’re growing daisies in your backyard to make little headbands, I’m happy for you. If this is your truth, I’m down, live it. But if it’s not—like, it’s pretty far from my truth right now—don’t be jealous just because Instagram says you should be.

I  could easily write a list of the things I hate about being there (let’s start with 1. The heat. 2. The crowds. 3. The outfits), but that’s obvious and Giggles is a place for positivity, so I’m going to tell you the benefits of not going to Indio this weekend:

1. Alone time: This is a weekend where you have to answer to no one, because everyone will be stranded together in the Sahara tent or on some sort of ferris wheel, and you will get to live however you want. Want to see Fast 7 again, alone, and eat all the snacks—do you! Want to do literally nothing and have no judgment about your laziness, LIVE BB’S. You can do anything, anytime, and have no one to answer to. No one to feel responsible for. And you won’t even feel guilty about it, because everyone else is having SO MUCH FUN wherever they are. You’re entitled to your own fun this weekend.

2. Silence: People have no service there so you wont have to hear the details of your girlfriends weekend romance with some guy from Nashville wearing a deep v-neck and some version of these sunglasses:

3. Quiet roads (LA SPECIFIC): Sorry everyone who doesn’t live here but this is really real. Talking about traffic is so boring, but not as boring as having to sit in it. When there is some huge event LA-adjacent and people flock there, something magical happens. The roads clear up. Imagine, getting to your movie in 10 minutes and finding parking at the Arclight Hollywood instead of it taking 30 minutes and having to participate a scavenger hunt for a parking spot.

4. Living your own truth. You didn’t want to go, that’s your vibe. And you know what? I’m proud of you for not succumbing to the peer pressure. I’m glad you don’t have to say this sentence a million times: “I mean, I didn’t even want to go, but my friends made me.” UH THOSE ARE NOT FRIENDS, THOSE ARE FRENEMIES.

5. No post-festival spiraling: You know when you go to a party and wake up the next morning and recap with your besties about what you did? Then shame spiral for like 45 minutes about what you maybe said or didn’t say and to whom? That’s what happens after Coachella (I know because I went for like 3 years. It was a DESPERATE TIME OKAY!). You won’t have to recap about your (maybe) bad behavior in that freaky desert. You own your conscious, bb!

6. A bed & also a shower: This is self explanatory and beautiful.



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