Missguided’s latest campaign celebrates the beauty of birthmarks

Few things make us more excited for the future of both the beauty and fashion industries than seeing brands take clear, concrete steps to increase diversity on every level. British brand Missguided is working hard to change the face of beauty, and its latest campaign, #InYourOwnSkin, is all about celebrating the things that make us different, even if they’re not traditionally considered beautiful. As a part of its #KeepOnBeingYou movement, Missguided is featuring women you rarely see in mainstream campaigns – women with skin conditions who don’t normally get touted as beautiful in the media. All six women highlighted in the campaign have different skin features such as albinism, scars, and birth marks.

These women are not only the stars of this incredible campaign, but they have a chance to share their stories, in essence demystifying these conditions. Missguided is joining other beauty and fashion brands in the fight for inclusivity, like Fenty Beauty, which kicked off the movement for makeup companies to aim for a wider foundation shade range, and Madewell, which increased its denim size range.

As these industries expand their definition of beauty to become more inclusive, more women will see themselves reflected in advertisements. We all know how much representation matters, and this campaign is a wonderful step forward.

Check out these beautiful images from the Missguided #InYourOwnSkin campaign.

Each of these women is absolutely stunning.

Any chance we can get to celebrate our differences is worth taking.

It’s time to take features that have long been perceived as flaws and realize that they’re what makes us all unique and special.

Head on over to Missguided and check out this marvelous new campaign.

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