You need to see what Missandei is wearing in these “Game of Thrones” Season 7 leaked photos

There’s been a lot of heated hubbub about the Game of Thrones Season 7 plot and photo leaks. Are Jon Snow and Daenerys finally going to meet? What the heck is this “ice dragon” and what are its motives? Was Ned Stark’s death just a mirage? Ok, yeah we know, that last one is a pipe dream. The latest photos out of Westeros (or Zimaia, Spain rather) show Missandei wearing a BLACK LEATHER JUMPSUIT and we’re like WHAT?

Look at these super sneaky photos captured of Missandei and Daenerys talking to Varys and Tyrion. What they’re talking about we don’t know. But we do know that Missandei looks like she’s ready to kick some serious butt in a leather jumpsuit, reminiscent of the Unsullied armor.

Daenerys and crew must have just landed in the North of Westeros. It’s the coldest climate Missandei and the Unsullied have ever experienced, therefore Missandei wears black leather to absorb as much heat from the sun as possible. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Here we see Missandei taking a stroll alongside her queen. Varys lurks behind them, as he does. We notice she is most likely wearing some form of high-low wool coat underneath her criss-cross breastplate.


Missandei’s style has been slowly creeping up the badass scale ever since we saw this dark blue two piece in Season 5 at the fighting pits:


And then this studded leather crop top and vambraces in Season 6, when she and Grey Worm partook in drinking games and jokes with Tyrion minutes before the “masters came back for their property”:


So, yeah, you could say we’re kind of ~freaking out~ that Missandei and her outfits keep getting cooler and cooler as the show goes on. But we’ll stay as calm as we can while we wait for Season 7 to be released in 2017… unless something else gets leaked that sends us over the edge.

No promises! ?

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