Missandei just showed us how the “Game of Thrones” cast stays in shape between takes

With such crazy busy schedules it’s gotta be hard for the Game of Thrones cast to get a good fitness routine in place, particularly during production, right?

Well, it looks like the cast takes some time even WHILE they’re shooting to get a quick ~workout~ in…and it looks like a lot of fun, too. Nathalie Emmanuel (aka Daenerys’ main girl Missandei) recently posted this adorable pic of the cast doing some yoga on set.

Emmanuel’s comment says, “Happy International Yoga Day from Meereen.” She continued, @raleighritchie (Grey Worm) and @emilia_clarke (Daenerys) nailed it in my opinion haha.” HARD AGREE!

Obviously, we know how amazing this group (and Tyrion!) are on the show…

…but it’s impressive to see them being JUST as kick-ass behind the scenes, too.

Keep on slayin’ citizens of Meereen!

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