A Miss Universe contestant fell into a pool while trying to twirl, is all of us

Embarrassing moments happen to even the most seemingly glamorous among us, reminding the world that we’re actually all human…and also making us feel way better about our own daily humiliations. Which is why we’re basically cheering for this Spanish Miss Universe contestant who fell into a pool while trying to pull off an elegant twirl.

Because we have all been her in that moment at some point in our lives.

For a little background, the Spanish Miss Universe contestant, Pilar Magro, was walking in a single-file line with all the other Miss Universe contestants by a pool. When she’s about to get her moment walking past the camera, she decides to give herself a little flair by executing a simple twirl. Only problem is that she doesn’t realize how close she was to the pool’s edge…and SHE FALLS RIGHT IN.

It’s truly a rom-com-worthy moment for the ages.


Our very souls are cringing…but mostly because we 100% know this would happen to us. And while Pilar seemed pretty stunned and embarrassed, it looks like all the other contestants were totally supportive of her after the stumble — they all cheered as she emerged from the water (luckily unharmed) and then helped her extricate herself from her cumbersome sash.

At the end of the day, Pilar didn’t end up taking home the crown — that honor went to Sofia del Prado from Castilla La Mancha. But Pilar is still a true hero in our books.

Girl, we’ve been there, and we love you.