Miss Piggy just shaded the hell out of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse on Twitter

Can you believe we’re living in a world where the Muppets have Twitter accounts, and use their Twitter accounts for good, and also to provided some much-needed lightheartedness in this dark and gloomy universe? What a time to be alive.

Just last week, Chrissy Teigen happened to ruffle Kermit’s lilypad the wrong way, when she mentioned she almost got a tattoo of the “It Isn’t Easy Being Green” singer during her younger years, and looking back, she’s glad that she didn’t. Kermit responded by stating that he’s so glad he didn’t get a Chrissy Teigen tattoo. WOW, SHOTS FIRED.

And now, Kermit’s girl pig has stepped into the ring to face off against the cast of Riverdale. Once again, what a time to be alive, and also what a weird time to be alive.


Lili Reinhart, who is known for her clever tweets, happened to write last night that she’s still hung up on the fact that Kermit let Piggy walk all over him. There is some truth to this, guys:

Eventually, the tweet made its way over to Piggy, who took off her white satin gloves for this comeback:

OH YES SHE DID. It’s super comforting to know that while she might be a diva, Piggy takes enough time out of her day to keep up with the are-they-aren’t-they dating life of Reinhart and Cole Sprouse (who play Betty and Jughead on Riverdale, respectively).

And I guess because he also lives for drama, Sprouse had to get in on this exchange as well: false

If you’re wondering what’s going on here, us too. When HelloGiggles Associate Editor Anna learned about this, she quietly whispered, “What is going on with the Muppets?” Who knows what’s going on with The Muppets, but I am LIVING for their banter right now. Keep this up, Muppets. If you need someone to start a feud with Scooter, please let me know.