Miss Piggy saves Tony Bennett from falling off parade float like the hero she is

No matter where you hail from, Miss Piggy has made you laugh until you cried at some point in your life. She’s the ultimate performer who gets along with just about any celebrity, and her relationship with Kermit is a priceless thing to behold. On Thanksgiving, though, Miss Piggy proved that she’s more than a pretty face with a kick-ass sense of humor — she’s a hero as well.

At the annual Macy’s parade yesterday, Miss Piggy and American singer Tony Bennett were spreading holiday cheer and singing on a float. As their number was wrapping up, you can see Tony nearly slip and fall off the ledge, but Miss Piggy insists the world isn’t done with him quite yet, so she saves his life in the blink of an eye.

Miss Piggy, you can now add “national hero” to your list of occupations. Although the news anchors, including Matt Lauer, didn’t quite see it happen (and if he did, he kept the show rolling all the same), everyday folks at home weren’t about to let a moment like that go to waste. false

Even Miss Piggy herself chimed in with a little humor of her own.

We’ve got our fingers for that duet, Miss Piggy, and we’re forever in your debt for saving one of America’s sweethearts.

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