Miss Piggy has a new boyfriend, and he’s majorly famous

Our hearts wept earlier this summer when long-time couple Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog called it quits. They parted ways as friends, and both seem to be doing fine. Kermit’s already found a new pig, even though he insists that they’re “just friends” (SURE KERMIT, whatever you say). Now it appears as if Miss Piggy has moved on from the heartbreak, too. The pig’s out of the blanket, and one of Piggy’s new beaus has come forward.

Ready for Piggy’s first new flame? It’s Grammy-nominee sing-song writer Josh Groban! And Kermit‘s actually the one who set the two of them up.

The Muppets’ showrunner Bill Prady explained to Entertainment Tonight that after the big break up, Piggy’s in a “foul mood” and “Kermit decides that the best way to calm everything down is to essentially fix Piggy up with somebody, and he does it by going to that list they had when they were a couple — the free pass list.” You know the free pass list, a complete and comprehensive list of all the celebrities you can “hook up” with while still in a relationship. That is, after your significant other has deemed it OK.

Kermit decides that he should get someone from Piggy’s list, and Groban is right at the top. Using his position as executive producer of Up Late With Miss Piggy (The Muppets’ show-within-a-show), Kermit arranges for a “very romantic” duet between the two. They immediately hit it off and quickly change their status to TAKEN. Now Kermit’s got to deal with that. And knowing the way Piggy will parade around her new guy, things will probably get very interesting very quickly.

Groban is, of course, playing himself, but himself as a Muppet boyfriend. He took to Twitter to thank his “human girlfriend,” the wonderful and hilarious Kat Dennings, for sharing him over the weekend. Don’t let Piggy know she hasn’t got Groban all to herself.

The Muppets premiers on September 22nd, and Groban will make his debut as Piggy’s new boyfriend in one of the first few episodes of the series.

Image via ABC/Muppet Studios


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